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Love this app

Love it! 💗💗💗💗

Could be awesome!

I would give this app 5⭐️ IF it was more customizable. I would like to see options for reoccurring times through out the day. (Reoccurring would help when smaller children do things throughout the day that requires rewarding.) Maybe even be able to add specific times and locations for chores. Also a place to keep a list of special chores that could be added/taken way from a chore list when needed. Works great for my preteen but not for my younger child.


‘This game is Awesome!!!!

Missing savings divider

App is good except that all funds get lumped into one account for each user. There needs to be a divider for savings, spending, etc


Thank goodness for this app!! So easy to track AllowanceBot!

My kids love it!

Excited for new updates coming! Lots of flexibility for parents to customize it. Easy to move them around to order them or change value. Well done!


Like the app definitely keep me up with chores!

🤩🤩🤩star 👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

Is an awesome way to earn money!!!!!!

So good

I’m so glad that they made this app it helped my kids know how much money they have/ so good

Missing key feature

The app lets you record what your child has spent, but you can’t go back to see it later. So, if I enter that my child spent $5 on a book, but then we want to see what she has used her allowance for, we can’t. I’m looking for a new app that will show spending.

Good developer response

“View looks zoomed off the screen. Please fix.” They did!

It gets better with time and updates!

My daughter and I like the app a lot. It is very cute and simple which is what I was looking for to track her allowance. I expect with time it will be even better as it seems the developers are active and address issues quickly!


Developer appears to make quick and frequent updates, which is a good thing. Formats ok now on my iPhone X, though there are still some areas getting slightly cutoff. I think it could use more time with a UI analyst, as it isn't as intuitive as I might like. Still a good start, I will continue to evaluate it.

Built in accountability

This app allows me to be consistent with my kids. They know exactly what is expected and I can be a competent employer by rewarding them on time and showing them accurate feedback through graphs. I can’t wait until the developer makes it easy to switch chores up on a daily basis without having to toggle back and forth between the chore bank and their chore lists to manually change the schedule from once to daily. With multiple kids, this taxes my working memory and time but the benefits of the app still outweigh the costs. I’m always recommended this app to friends, parents, and teachers because ultimately, it is a great app.

Really poor job of tracking history

This app has you enter data but you can never see it to actually audit the number

Login Troubles

Login in trouble constantly. Reset link does not seem to work properly. Once in, it’s great. The help button is only accessible once logged in... useless for login trouble.

Not working

I just installed this app on my iPad and each time I try to enter an email to create an account, the app closes when I select the field.

Love this!

We use the Dave Ramsey budgeting system ourselves and are teaching our daughter to do the same. This app has helped all of us keep track of her chores, money made for the week, etc. We still pay her in cash on Sunday, we just delete the money out as spent when we give her the cash.

Going well

We had a system for allowance at our home for my 6 & 8 year old. It needed an update though as it was slot of work for me to keep them motivated with verbal reminders. This app allows them to keep a running record and then at my convenience I approve the chores. Less work for me really reminding them as this keeps them accountable. Then if they forget to check it off. I don’t pay. We go to the bank every Monday and they get their allowance. Then half goes into their bank accounts and they keep half. Some weeks they do not get any due to disrespect but it’s nice for them to see what they should have earned. Working well for our home.


It works great to keep track of you allowance or money! I this great to keep organized!

Just what I was looking for! User friendly!

I have 4 kids and this works just how I wanted it to. Was easy to figure out and use.

Needs work

Installed on four devices and set up. Didn't use it past day two due to poor functionality. Needs the ability to add floating chores and a real owner/client relationship in the app, rather just all in one sign in

Love it

I love that you can add extra money for good jobs and subtract money for things they do bad. I take .50 -$1 every time my 9year old waste food.

It's really cool and works good!

My dad bought this for me and it's really cool how everything works. Some things you can't get into without a code, so for example, I can't approve chores I've done, only my dad can. Before a chore's allowance is added to the thing under your profile, it has to be approved by a parent that it was done. The only thing I don't like, which is sort of stupid that I care about this, is if you click the speaker button it has Siri's voice, but I don't use it anyway because I can read. We got a dry erase board to try to keep track of my chores with, now nobody uses it with this app.

Love this app!

We are trying to teach our son how to be more responsible and thought starting an allowance may help. This app has been a hit.


I will really do my chores because this app encourages me to do my chore without my mom telling me to!

Great idea but need more detail

I love the idea that I can have a digital piggy bank for each of my kids so I am not handing them cash or trying to remember if I paid them their allowance yet. I really wish you could see a list of the "tally" with deposits and removals. The chart is fine but doesn't include notes on what the changes are even though I added them when I made the changes.

Pure Love

I love this app! I am able to enter chores and reoccurring dates so that my kids can rotate who does what. It is easy to navigate as a parent and easy for the kids to understand. We seem like we have a ton of chores because I enter their morning checklist and afternoon checklist, as well as their chores, but it keeps everything running smoothly. My 9 year old does better with the app because he reads faster and is more motivated than my six year old. (Another bonus! Your kids get in extra reading practice!) I do like that it has some picture options to add to the text to help give your child clues. I especially like that this app keeps track of money. My kids are good, they get a reward; they fight with each other, they lose. When we are out and about I know exactly how much the "have" to spend and can show them when they are wanting to make purchases (a.k.a. begging me for an expensive toy). The graph also displays the parent's text as to why money was given or taken away which is nice so kids can see where and why money is coming and where it goes. I really love this app! I have tried chore boards and written checklists. This is so easy and clean, and is always with you! Your child can become responsible for themselves with reminders of what needs to be done. Plus you don't have to have cash on hand at all times to reward or pay chore money. Kids can watch their good deeds and positive attitudes turn into savings for the treasures they want, and keep motivation to continue doing their best.

Good and simple

This is a good app for keeping track of my kids allowances since I don't always have cash and I may use a card to purchase items that come out of their allowance. I can open the app and deduct the correct amount. The only feature that I wish it included is a separate "savings" account for each child. I make my kids put a portion of their allowance into savings each week for larger items or emergencies and I have to keep track of this separate from the app.

Please add savings and giving!

My kids give 10% and save 20% of all of their earnings. Would really like it if the app would account for this!

I like it.

I like that you can easily sync the app on your devices. I want an updated version it hasn't been updated since 2016.

Great concept Too glitchy

I love the way this helps organize but it's very hard to input for multiple children with different chores and the app glitches out while inputting so often it took me weeks to get everything input so we could really keep proper track of things.

I like it

Stop waking me up at 5am and then you will get five stars

Love this app

Exactly what I was looking for to keep tack of my kids chores and money I owe them. They get paid every Friday and sometimes it was hard keeping track of how Michu money they earned or lost

I love this app

My daughters think this app is a fun and collective way to get chores done. I myself am impressed by how much they are getting done so quickly. They are very motivated to earn the money as well get things done they say quote " It (AllowanceBot) makes us feel very accomplished ".

Required chores counterintuitive

The app has all the features I am looking for to keep track of what my kid does. Money is a motivator for her, and having the app on both phones is great. Features like PIN and quick add are well thought out, and having data on servers is a bonus. Support was quick to reply and very helpful. I have issue with how the required chores approval works. If chores are required daily to get a daily allowance, the approval will not come until the following day. For instance, clean room and clean kitchen are required chores on July 30, and the kid clicks them complete, the don't display/I don't have the option to approve until July 31. I Emailed support; it's designed that way to allow the kid all day to complete the chore, but in my case, the immediate reward of finishing a chore and being able to immediately approve it adds to motivation. I really would like the option so that when the kid clicks the required chore it should show up the same as a reward chore. Great app!


It's motivating my kids!

Solves their chore memory problems

We love this app! It allows my whole family to keep up with upcoming chores, completed ones, and the allowance that correlates to them.

Best chore app for kids

My kids love being able to use the app and see how much their getting and I love being able to control the amount they get and getting the notifications when they complete a chore.

I like it

I like it but I really like the ability to talk through expenditures with the kids. I would like to see a checkbook style printout available. Then the kids can evaluate what they have purchased easier. Nice app thought and easily worth the money.

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

It helps keep the kids strait and they all get what they earn no more no less

Very nice app!

I had to buy the full version but it's well worth it. I just got it and I already love. It is a great app to give your kids positive reinforcement and it is very easy to use. Love the avatars and the fact that it can be downloaded on every device. Love it!

Love the app.

I love the ability to sync between devices that makes it easy for the kids to know what is expected. It would be great to be able to create global chores that anyone could complete to earn extra money, such as emptying the dishwasher. It is only completed once per day but the way the app currently works I'd have to list it per child meaning that multiple children could "complete" it in a day. The approval process does help to reduce that confusion. Also it would be nice to create a common chore list bank that lists the name, description, amount, and schedule in one place. Then be able to pick from that bank when adding the chores to each child in mass adjusting the amt and schedule as needed per child. This eases the duplicate entry.

Meets My Needs!

I needed help keeping track of my daughter's weekly allowance. I hardly ever have cash on me, so handing her cash each week was tedious and frustrating. This app has made things better for both of us—she now has a virtual bank account with me where we can both see on our devices how much credit she has to make purchases of her choice. I like how we are able to identify details about what she has spent her money on in notes, but I am not a fan of the graph—instead I'd like to see more of a log or bank account register-type page. It'd be easier to identify expenses and what was purchased, etc. I love the graphics! Great app!

Great App

Keeps my family organized and the kids like it!!!

Great... wish u could...

Great app. Easy to use. Just wish there was a way to put a beginning and ending date to specific chores. Some chores could last couple days. And would like the option to put an end date so I wouldn't manually have to go in and delete it and reenter it when it's time todo that task again. Other wise. Love it.

Best Chore App, Hands Down

We have been using this app for a several years. It's one of the few apps on my phone that I haven't gone searching for a replacement. Does everything I need it to do, and my son tracks his chores on his phone, my daughter on her iPad. It takes a little bit of work to set up chores initially, but once that's done, it's pretty user friendly. Plus, it's convenient to be able to tell them when we are out running errands, how much money they have available in allowance....

Great app!

This app has been ideal for logging allowance for my elementary school age daughters. It's flexible enough that I can make tweaks to the functionality as needed. Two suggested areas for improvement: - could use more extensive help docs - add exchangeable skins to the UI - different colors, female robots, etc.

Easy to use

This app came highly recommended to me, and I see why. This app actually makes it fun for my kids to do chores, because they get notifications on their iPads to remind them of chores. They are then responsible for checking the box certifying the chore is done. You as the adult can then check their work and approve or disapprove their work. They know how much money they can expect each week because it's right there in the app. The kids got to pick their avatar, and come up with fun names for them. Enjoy!


Allowance and chores have never been more awesome!!! I would love to see a allowance record built in. $50.00 -$10.00 movies $40.00 And so on!

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