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Very nice app

Love this app!


Great app! Thank you! Very user friendly Much thought went into putting this has lots of useful options Very organized and practical Moveable chore list is great for changing their order Chores can be read out ... great for those who cant read very well Lots of space to put details about the chore Automatically calculates allowance Has deduction options Chore time schedule setup is great...twice a week, every 2nd day, only once, every month, only certain days of the week Can synchronize with childs device...only pay once for app using Family Sharing After trying many chore apps for kids, this takes first place!

Simple and useful

I bought a few other allowance type apps and by far this one is the easiest to use. The syncing works really well which is what I was looking for to share with my kids. Other apps make you use Dropbox and theyre quite buggy. Theyre also too complicated for what I needed. Well worth the money.

Very Helpful

I tried a few allowance/chore apps, and this one is the best so far. Simple & easy to use and the options work well for what I need. My only suggestion would be to have the option of adding a list of additional chores that can be claimed by any child, and not necessarily assigned to them.

Great app. Worth purchasing.

I too went through several free apps looking for all the features I wanted. In particular ability to sync with childs mobile device. This app is the winner. Happy to find it. Thanks to other reviewers who compelled me to take a chance and pay for this one. Glad I did!

I recommend this to anyone I can!

Hands down, this app has been a blessing for our family. Our two girls love being able to positively save and earn money and my husband and I love the approach of assigning chores with very little resistance from our kids. Its simple and user friendly. We have been using it for a year and I have friends and family that are loving it too!

Mom of 3-sanity partially restored

I was aging exponentially every time my kids said, "mom you remember you said youd pay me $10 for helping you clean out the garage Two weeks ago?" I have no recollection of having a garage, much less cleaning it out, much less agreeing to pay. Im sure I did. But I felt like I was constantly getting fleeced and failing to pay my kids on time because I didnt have the cash handy, etc. So now on Sundays we pay out whatever the bot says we owe. If baby does an extra chore, it goes in the bot when we agree on it. If its not in the bot, it doesnt get paid out. It also helps with online purchases. If I order something on behalf of a kid, I mark it in the bot. I wish it included a way to review past payments, but I live in the moment, so its workable. This is one of those small apps that has made my life much better.

Great App!

This app works great! The features on this app are outstanding and I find it extremely useful. Thank you so much for making a great app.

Mom of 6

I love this app! It is so hard to remember who I owe, how much I owe, who is supposed to do what chores, etc. and this works well for us. Our older girls are looking at it as a savings and once a year we put a large amount on their bluebird prepaid card from Walmart/Am. Express (no monthly fee). If they take money out I easily withdraw it to show the new amount. It is easy to use. Please add a notes area though that works so I can show why money was debited or deposited. Thank you!

Great App

This is a great way to help my children learn how to budget their money. We love it!

Fantastic app!

I really like that once you update one device, all others update as well and remain in sync! Now, all we need is a Bitcoin card so the child can spend the balance. :)

Solid app with bright future

The developer emailed me back in less than five minutes.

Nearly perfect

Started using this app this week and kids are so into using it. Handles irregular chore schedules like a charm. New graphics and bug fixes are great.

Awesome app

Been using this app for about a year and its been great letting my son see his money grow. Its easy to use, nice graphics, charts and most importantly the option of creating a chore list. The whole family can be involved.


Great app and customer support is excellent.

Multi-kid chore management and rewards works great!

Im using this to manage 5 kids and their chores. We currently use the accumulated "rewards" from chores as each childs "slush" fund for those time they want something in a store or wish to go out with their friends and need cash. (We chose not to use the allowance feature which is more of a cumulative grant). Application is very good with recurring chores for each child. It took a bit of setup for each child since they have daily and weekly items they must complete. You cant create a chore applicable for each child and assign to all kids. Instead, you need to create for each child. Reassignment of one childs chore to another is not possible (ex: two kids swap kitchen duty days in a given week.) Also cant remove a recurring chore from a child for a one-time schedule change. So, there are plenty of opportunities to improve this app. However, even with the limitations, this has by far worked the best for our family. Each of my 5 have their own device and a specific passcode so they can mark chores complete. They learned very quickly they need to complete chores on the day assigned and they cant mark something complete which was supposed to be completed in the past. Side note: Even though we are only using rewards for each chore completed, you could make chores required for a weekly allowance.

Great idea bad execution

The concept is really good, but it doesnt really work well. All of the chores that we assign our kids, do not always appear. The application gets confused and it changes the days. It doesnt show all of the chores assigned per day. Im not happy with this app. Too late now.

Great ap!

Love this ap. We were always forgetting how much allowance our kids had earned and how much they had spent or lost for bad behavior. This ap makes it much easier to keep track of.

Was wonderful until 9/16 update.

This app worked great until 9/16. Now it is useless. Such a shame.

Gets better and better

Great customer service support. App gets better and better with each update. I use it as a virtual wallet for my kids too so they dont have to carry their allowance $$$ when shopping.

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