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Very handy app, makes allowance tracking and spending much easier!

I heard about this app from MacWorld, and recently downloaded it to start tracking my younger daughters weekly chores and allowance. Its very easy to set up family members and their individual jobs, as well as track what theyve done or havent done. I really like how you can define "core" jobs that must be done for some parts of the allowance (like cleaning their room or doing the dinner dishes), plus optional jobs they can do to earn extra (like feeding the cats their dinner). I also like that each job can have its own schedule, so if something should be done twice a week Ill see right away if it was only done once. Its also great for "spending" since its all virtual. If theres something my daughter wants on Amazon or the App Store, we just see if she has enough allowance built up and then deduct the cost. I put it on my credit card and theres no need to pull cash out of a piggy bank or anything. But my daughter still learns the importance of earning money instead of just being given it, and of saving up for things that are important to her instead of always impulse buying as soon as she has the money. Great job!


Kids love it. Used an old original iPad and a wall mount and were the coolest appy family in town!

Has everything I need

Great app, keeps the kids stuff getting. Great for people usually operates with credit. Still gives the kids a chance to save

Helpful but could be better

We use this app to keep track of how much our son has in allowance money. A lot of the things he wishes to purchase are online (in app purchases, stuff from Amazon etc) so its easier if his allowance is electronic instead of him always reimbursing us with cash whenever we use our credit card to buy something for him. I deducted a couple of stars because reviewing spending is kind of a pain. There is only a graph view and it isnt very detailed. For example, when I deduct money from my sons allowance I can enter a note specifying what the purchase was (for example, "new video game"). Unfortunately I have no idea where that note goes because it doesnt appear on the graph and Ive found no other way to view spending. I wish there was a simple list view that showed all transactions and their associated data.

Great app. Worth purchasing.

I too went through several free apps looking for all the features I wanted. In particular ability to sync with childs mobile device. This app is the winner. Happy to find it. Thanks to other reviewers who compelled me to take a chance and pay for this one. Glad I did!

Keeps track of me too!

We rotate chores between 5 kids at our house and this app has been just what we needed to keep track of who does what. Some jobs are m-f, some are every other week and some are Saturday only and they all rotate. It was easy to set up and works great! We havent remembered often to check "done" jobs for allowance, but if only for keeping track of who does what its been worth it. I actually (the mom) put chores in there for me too sometimes.


this is the best app. no more fussing about who didnt do anything and who did stuff. No more fighting about allowance. This is a lot better than a $20 chore chart. I definitely recommend getting this app.

Love it

This app is the best! My daughter loves to check off her chores and watch her allowance grow!

Love this, great way to track chores!

Love this, easy to use... only wish I could view the history of the spend and rewards.

Just perfect

Lays out what is expected and the rewards for extra. Keeps a running tally so I dont have to. The kids even like it.

Missing some things

Most importantly- you cant time the chores only day them. Also, you cant have a "calendar" view of the chores.

Good app!

I like this app for keeping my 5 year old twins on track. Too often, allowance for us is when we think of it. This gives us a list of expectations for the kids to use themselves. Also, the reward/punish options are great because they let me deduct or add as I see fit. Id like for the kids to be able to see a more detailed history of deposits and withdrawals, more than the graph shows. This would help them better understand their earnings and prepare them for a checking account.

The best

I love that you can check you chore off when you are done with it.

2 days without arguing!

Im so sick of nagging my kid all the time to do chores cause geeze, they should just be able to do it themselves right? (eye roll) I love this app because its easy to use. Yes it takes awhile to enter the chores initially but for me, its a one and done type thing. My kid (7 years old) loves this app because shes fiercely independent and she loves having her own checklist. I cant tell her what to do but shes fine with the app telling her what needs to be done. She can visually see what she needs to get done before she goes to bed. She said shes excited for her chores tomorrow.

Very Helpful

I tried a few allowance/chore apps, and this one is the best so far. Simple & easy to use and the options work well for what I need. My only suggestion would be to have the option of adding a list of additional chores that can be claimed by any child, and not necessarily assigned to them.

I do not think you need have a passcode


Works awesome

The app works great and I use it all of the time

Simple and useful

I bought a few other allowance type apps and by far this one is the easiest to use. The syncing works really well which is what I was looking for to share with my kids. Other apps make you use Dropbox and theyre quite buggy. Theyre also too complicated for what I needed. Well worth the money.

Love this!

Kids have it on their iPads to review chores and earn allowance every week. Just what I needed!

Great app

I love the idea behind this app. I am hopeful that they will make a parental control screen soon that allows parents with multiple children an easier way to divide up chores. Also, would be helpful if it saved your custom chores so you could assign the same Chore to multiple children on different days. Otherwise, I am hopeful that this will help my home be cleaner!

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